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In response to the tragic event in Newtown, Connecticut, we have compiled resources for educators and families to help children cope with traumatic events:

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Help Pushback against Prescription Drug Abuse!
FREE Generation RX Tool kits are available now!

More than 6 MILLION AMERICANS age 12 and older have taken a prescription pain reliever, tranquilizer, sedative or stimulant for non-medical reasons in the past month…

Approximately 70% of people who abuse prescription medications get them from family or friends, often from the medicine cabinet.

Drug Free America Foundation is proud to promote the Generation Rx Initiative which began at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy in 2007 as a program to enhance medication safety and combat the increasing misuse and abuse of prescription drugs through educational prevention. Partnering with the Cardinal Health Foundation, the program has created toolkits aimed at specific audiences that are available to the public at no cost.   Drug Free America Foundation encourages you to utilize these great resources that can be found here.

New interactive online tool from NIDA and Scholastic teaches teens the ugly side of drug abuse.

Drugs + Your Body: It Isn't Pretty is a science-based, web interactive for grades 6–12 that reinforces key facts of several educational resources devoted to the harmful health effects of drugs on the body .These resources are part of the Heads Up: Real News About Drugs and Your Body series, a collaboration between the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and Scholastic.

Ideal for classroom study, individual projects, and presentations, Drugs + Your Body demonstrates through dynamic descriptions, images, and videos how drug use can ravage the body.   Link
The Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit is a new community education resource that can be used by professionals from law enforcement, prevention and treatment, as well as by any concerned adults who want to share information about medicine abuse with their friends, family, neighbors and organizations to which they belong. Link
Choose Your Path Interactive Videos by NIDA for Teens

The "Choose Your Path" activity lets you assume the role of the main character in an interactive video and call the shots in common scenarios for teens. After you make choices about which path to take, your decisions play out in the next video clip. You'll confront real-life situations that include the decision of whether to abuse certain prescription drugs. At each step, you'll learn the outcome of your decisions. At the end, you should be able to separate the myths from the facts about prescription drug abuse.

How It Works

First, a video clip sets up the scenario. At the end of each video clip, you'll be asked to choose between two different paths. After you make your selection, the scenario plays out. If you don't like the ending or if you're curious how a different choice will change the story, simply restart the activity and choose a different path. Link

Working together to improve your community's health involves a cycle of activities: assessing needs and resources, picking priorities, finding programs and policies that work, implementing strategies, and evaluating efforts. Depending on the progress your community has already made, you can enter this cycle at any point. In addition, depending on the role you play, additional resources are available to help you take action.   Link
It's My Life . Body . Drug Abuse . Make A Difference! | PBS Kids GO!
Helping Someone You Love Even if they know all the physical dangers and all the other reasons not to, some people choose to use drugs. If you have a friend or family member who has started using drugs or is hanging out with a druggie crowd, you might be wondering what you can do about it.    Link
Newsletter Signup - Parents. The Anti-Drug.   Link
Let's Party - A Guide to Drug Free Parties for 5th-8th Graders


Your Talk Kit will help you: 
• Begin talking with your kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol 
• Know exactly what to say
• Answer the tough question: “Did you do drugs?”

You'll also find:
• Tips for caring adults involved with kids
• A practical, one-sheet guide to the drug and alcohol scene 
Blood Alcohol Content Calculator - The Police Notebook - Link

Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training
- Link

Stop Underage Drinking: Portal of Federal Resources - Link
Reach Out Now National Teach-In - Link
Scholastic - Heads Up: Real News About Drugs and Your Body
Free for teachers.......grades 6-10. NIDA has teamed up with Scholastic, a leading provider of educational materials for children and teachers, to bring science-based information about drug abuse to millions of U.S. school children. The following Adobe PDF downloads contain information and activities created to educate ...students on the repercussions of drug use. For grades 6-10. - Link
Create Your Action Plan A FREE plan you can develop with your child to prevent alcohol or drug use

Underage Drinking: Talk EARLY. Talk OFTEN. Get others INVOLVED.  Real kids are curious about alcohol. 40% have tried it by the time they reach eighth grade.1 Talking with your children early and often can make a difference. Get the facts, the tools, and the advice you need to start talking real.  - Link

My Last Dip Web-based smokeless tobacco cessation project


WARNING - - Link
Smoking & Tobacco Use

MediaSharp kit, offers an ideal project for a classroom, youth group, after-school program, scout troop, faith community group—anywhere youth gather to learn. Educators and youth leaders across the country use it and rave about its appeal to young people. - Link

Understand the Brain, Addiction and Drugs-  Link
Community Based Volunteers Working with Youth Free Course   Link
This course is for volunteers, leaders of volunteer organizations, and paid staff who manage volunteers. Training is designed to promote long-term commitment by volunteers. Opportunities are provided for volunteers and members of volunteer organizations to learn effective anti-drug use strategies and to access current information regarding prevention while participating in the training programs. This residential training is based on adult learning theory. The course is designed with interchangeable modules and can be tailored to meet the needs of various volunteer groups.
Street Work with High-Risk Youth Free Course  Link
This 2-day workshop is for youth service workers, supervisors, and administrators in health and human service agencies, as well as staff working with adults in nontraditional settings, including outreach workers in AIDS programs, homeless shelters, and elsewhere. The workshop presents the basic elements of successful street work with high-risk youth and advanced techniques for planning outreach and sustaining contact with clients. The course suggests ways to meet and develop relationships with youth on their own turf and explores ways to develop the youth worker's strengths and style. 
Mouse Party 
A great interactive resource using flash that shows how drugs affect your brain and body. Discuses Nicotine, Cocaine, Heroine, Meth, Ecstasy, Alcohol, Marijuana and LSD.   Link
What can you do? Follow these tips to help reduce the risk of teen prescription drug abuse:Link
FAS Community Resource Center Fetal Alcohol Syndrome  Link
Employers Look!
Drug Free Workplace Kit Understand the legal requirements (that may apply to your workplace), build a team, assess your workplace, develop a policy, plan and implement a program, and evaluate the program   Link
Foundation for a Drug-Free World: An Effective Drug Prevention Campaign on Marijuana, Ecstasy, Crystal Meth Official Drug Free World website: Welcome to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. Watch videos and learn the truth about drug addiction. Read facts and real-life stories from drug addicts about street drugs.   Link
Energy Drinks  

Check the Label! Some Energy Drinks contain alcohol.   Link
Facts |   Link
What a Difference a Friend Makes  Link
Community Education Programs  Link
Drug Prevention and Early Intervention Education for Parents and Youth

“These programs are extremely informative and cover all aspects of drug and alcohol abuse. They deliver comprehensive information about every side of the issue, and quite honestly, I wish these programs were mandatory everywhere. It could quite possibly save lives, and our goal is to have it reach enough people to make a significant impact.” – Sgt. Jim Cox, Fairfax County, VA Police Dept.
Teen Growth:  About Your Health  Link
Peter D:  Free Media Literacy Lessons   Link
Fake Marijuana Side Effects   Link
Think Before You Drink......
The next time you drink think about this quiz! See how you score..
The next time someone offers you an alcoholic drink, think about this quiz.
Prescription Drug Trends Fact Sheets: 2003 to May 2010 Link
Police: Teens using legal "incense" to get high Link
Raising Drug-Free Kids | CADCA Link
Drug Side Effects Link
Preschool Curriculum, Children's Games, Parent Involvement: Building Blocks for a Healthy Future Welcome to SAMHSA‛s Building Blocks for a Healthy Future, where parents, caregivers, and teachers of children aged 3 to 6 can find lots of great tips, materials, and ideas for spending time with their children and learning together.  LINK
"Stop and think. If you're pregnant, don't drink."
Information and resources about the prevention and treatment of FASD  LINK
Addressing substance abuse prevention in the workplace through comprehensive drug-free and health/wellness workplace programs.  LINK
Prevention Works - Treatment is Effective - People Recover  LINK
College Prevention :Supporting Today's Students with Alcohol-Free Options Link
Most teens who drink get alcohol from “social sources” — at parties, from older friends, from their parents’ cabinets. Teen drinking is linked to injury and risky behavior. We can reduce teen drinking by stopping teens’ easy access to alcohol. 
• 21 Is the Legal Drinking Age - Learn about laws that reduce teen drinking
• State Laws - Links to state-by-state legislation
• Dangers of Teen Drinking - What can happen to teens who drink
• Stopping Easy Access - Steps you can take to reduce teens' access to alcohol
• Alcohol Advertising - Talk to your kids about alcohol ads
• Answering Questions About Alcohol - What to say to neighbors and friends
How Can You Help?  Everyone can do something:
Individuals & Organizations - Media - Retailers - Law Enforcement
Choose Your Poison | Pills vs Candy Game Link
Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco - FREE powerpoints, interactive activities games, lessons Link
Treatment  To use:  Click on the actual links or on the images/graphics to visit the respective website.
How to Find Help for Your Child With a Drug or Alcohol Problem Guide PDF
Answering these questions will take only a few minutes, and will give you personalized results based on your age, gender and drinking patterns
Drug Abuse and Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and Help for Drug Problems and Substance Abuse

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, and Help for Drinking Problems - Link

SAMHSA requests treatment providers to alert their patients and greater community stakeholders to be alert to the increased risk of fatal overdose. 

SAMHSA released an Opioid Overdose Toolkit late last year. It contains information on recognizing and responding appropriately to overdose. Equips communities and local governments with material to develop policies and practices to help prevent opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Addresses issues for first responders, treatment providers, and those recovering from opioid overdose 

It can be read or downloaded for free to print and share by clicking here 

Teen Drug Abuse - Troubled Teens Are Resorting to Drugs.

Teen Drug Abuse-Providing help for parents who have a troubled teen in who has been struggling with teen drug abuse and or alcohol abuse.   Link

Alcohol Emergency Training: Key Points 
Red Watch Band - Helping to Prevent Toxic Drinking

Concerned About
Your Drinking? 
Self Management • Balance • Moderation • Personal Responsibility - Link

The Moderate Drinking Website has been Released! Moderate Drinking, a website-based subscription program, was released. Dr. Reid Hester has generously donated all profits from this program to Moderation Management.    Link
Intervention E Book: What to Do If Your Child Is Using Drugs - PDF
TIP 50: Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment


FREE Brochure on Science of Addiction- PDF
Recovery   To use:  Click on the actual links or on the images/graphics to visit the respective website.
View Online Tool Kit  Link
Help for Drug Problems | Drug Addiction | Intervention | Alcohol Problem 
The Partnership For a Drug America
  - Link

Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse Information | Partnership For a Drugfree America - Link
COA Week 2010 - Tools for COA Week Activities Children of Alcoholics - Link
Recovery Month 2011 - Stories  - Link