These high schools have already
earned their $500 

Attention High Schools in Southwest Virginia! The ASAC coalition is starting a social media campaign to grow their Facebook Page. Learn about current trends in the area of substance abuse and stay informed on what you can do to prevent substance abuse in your life and community. Identify a sponsor group or organization from your school and encourage 100 students to like our Facebook page to earn $500!

Time Frame

Campaign runs from Feb 18th to May 31st.

Identify A Sponsoring School Group or Organization

Contact Lori Gates-Addison at to register your school and sponsor. (A sponsor is required in order to make the $500 payment.)

How to Enter

Go to the ASAC- Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition for Prevention and Treatment’s Facebook page and like it, . Then make a post in your school name that states for example, ”Go State High School” in the post. 

$500 Dollar Goal

Your sponsoring group or organization will be awarded $500 when 100 students from your school like and post on the ASAC Facebook page.

Good Luck! For more questions contact: Lori Gates-Addison, 276-971-2366 or e-mail


Patrick Henry


Good Luck! 
For more questions contact: 
Lori Gates-Addison, 276-971-2366
or e-mail


Downloadable Documents

$500 Promotion Informational Flyer

$500 Promotional Poster

ASAC is on FaceBook!
“I never knew how common and dangerous binge drinking was among college students. My son was overwhelmed by the recent death of a college student on his campus in Radford.  He made sure all his friends on Facebook viewed the video that was posted on the ASAC page regarding alcohol poisoning. Thank you.” Join 5,485 fans in our area and receive daily posts that inform you about substance abuse prevention treatment and recovery. Free resources, policy information and current news can all be found. Its easy to understand the facts… it’s empowering to hear what local folks in Southwest VA have to say. We want to hear from you. Please join and pass on to your friends and family…together we can all make a difference.